San Mateo Dog Training Club

Cathy Dutra

Cathy has trained a variety of dogs over the past 20 years and has learned from each dog. She realized early on that training techniques need to be adjusted to the individual dog and handler team. When she meets a new class, she tries to evaluate each individual team so she can help them improve. She enjoys watching the progress and cheering the success that comes from the hard work that is put into the training. At this moment she is training a Sheltie, English Cocker and Papillon and goes through the same trial and error in my training as do the students in class.

"Each dog has their individual challenges and this keeps me thinking of ways to improve their performances."

She tries to attend as many training seminars as she can so she can bring the information back to her classes. She became an Obedience Judge 13 years ago and has enjoyed this immensely. When Rally was introduced, she applied to judge that as well and has been approved for all levels.

Marian Pott

Marian Pott has been training dogs competitively in various performance sports for over 25 years, including obedience, herding, scent tracking, rally, and lure coursing. She has done therapy dog work and Canine Good Citizen training. She has also been involved in greyhound rescue and rehab since 1995. She is a motivational trainer and loves working with people and their dogs of all breeds and mixes and ages, always with the goal of making you a better leader and your dog a better companion. Also since 1995, Marian has trained and competed in herding with her own German Shepherds and Border Collie, and has trained and handled other herding dogs representing a wide variety of breeds. She is an all-breed herding dog trainer and an AKC and AHBA herding judge. She focuses on training methods which bring out the best in your leadership and your dog’s natural talents.

Melodie Farrell

When Melodie took her dogs to obedience classes she found a love of dog training.  She has volunteered at the local humane society and works as a dog training instructor for another organization. She also provides private instruction using positive humane methods in her own business.

Melodie is a strong believer in continuing education and is a graduate of Happy Campers Kennel Dog Training Boot Camp, a 40 hour intensive dog seminar and Marin Canine Behavior Academy She is an approved AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and certified in Pet First Aid. She is also a Professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

She continues to pursue ongoing education by attending seminars and workshops by reknowned trainers and authors such as Dr. Ian Dunbar, Trish King and Pat Miller.

Melodie has one dog, three cats, 1 frog and 1 turtle.

Harriet Tucker

Harriet Tucker has been training and competing with her Brittanys in Obedience since 1996, and in Rally since its inception.  She is a member of 3 Obedience clubs: San Mateo DTC, Oakland DTC and Vallejo DTC, and currently teaches Obedience and/or Rally for all 3 of these clubs.  She is also a member of her local breed club, the Northern California Brittany Club.  She loves teaching and helping others to achieve their goals, no matter what the discipline.


Denise Gormish